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2-6-3 nishishizu sakura-shi
chiba-ken, 2850845

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm (Japan Standard Time)

Flower can be shipped only within Japan.

1) Basic shipping fee 1,000JPY (tax incl.)
Aichi(Nagoya), Akita(Akita), Aomori(Aomori), Chiba(Chiba), Fukui(Fukui), Fukushima(Fukushima), Gunma(Maebashi), Gifu(Gifu), Ibaraki(Mito), Ishikawa(Kanazawa), Iwate(Morioka), Kanagawa(Yokohama), Mie(Tsu), Miyagi(Sendai), Nagano(Nagano), Niigata(Niigata), Tokyo(Tokyo), Saitama(Saitama), Shizuoka(Shizuoka), Tochigi(Utsunomiya), Toyama(Toyama), Yamagata(Yamagata), Yamanashi(Kofu)

2) Basic Shipping fee 1,100JPY (tax incl.)
Ehime(Ehime), Hiroshima(Hiroshima), Hyogo(Kobe), Kagawa(Takamatsu), Kochi(Kochi), Kyoto(Kyoto), Nara(Nara), Okayama(Okayama), Osaka(Osaka), Shiga(Otsu), Shimane(Matsue), Tokushima(Tokushima), Tottori(Tottori), Wakayama(Wakayama), Yamaguchi(Yamaguchi)

3)Basic Shipping fee 1,300JPY (tax incl.)
Fukuoka(Fukuoka), Hokkaido(Sapporo), Kagoshima(Kagoshima), Kumamoto(Kumamoto), Miyazaki(Miyazaki), Nagasaki(Nagasaki), Oita(Oita), Saga(Saga)

4) Please ask!

*NB: Refrigerating charge 660JPY (tax incl.)
If the temperature becomes over 20 degrees, cut flowers go bad quickly.
In that case, we're going to send your flower with refrigerated transportation.

Shipped Via Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., JAPAN POST SERVICE Co., Ltd.

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[Terms / Policies]
Refund or Replacement:
Unable to locate the recipient's "correct" address.
The delivered flowers quality is poor.
The order has not been delivered due to our fault.
Guarantee will not apply (FULL charges will be applied) if:
Given Insufficient or Wrong information e.g recipient telephone number, name or address etc by You
Recipient cannot be reached when delivering to places like Hospitals, Hotels, Arriving/Departing ships or plane etc.

1. Can I phone or fax my order?
No, orders are accepted only online.

2. Can I include a personal message with my gift?
Yes. Type your message into the "Instructions" field(Delivery Details).

3. Can you send flowers to overseas from Japan?
No. We are afraid we can not accept request to deliver the flowers to overseas from Japan.

4. Are the items shipped as per the display on webpage?
The product specifications (weight, size, color etc.) mentioned with the product photos are only approximate. Most products here are handicraft items. There may, hence, be a variation in the pictures and the respective products. Florist Amapola, in its absolute discretion, may deliver a similar / alternate product for reasons or exigencies beyond its control. At the same time Florist Amapola will make all possible efforts to make its services delightful for both the sender and the receiver of the gift.

5. Can I specify an exact shipping date and time?
You can expect your order to arrive within 3- full business days. Business days are Monday-Saturday, excluding public holidays within Japan.
PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping dates are based on JST(Japan Standard Time).

6. How do I know that my gift has been shipped?
Confirmation through e-mail shall be sent to you after your gift has been shipped. You may also track your order status online by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. or , JAPAN POST SERVICE Co., Ltd.
・Track Shipments (Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.)
・Individual Parcel Search by Item Number (JAPAN POST SERVICE Co., Ltd.)

7. Can I order flowers of your facebook album?
If you want to order flowers of our album, please send an e-mail.
And please let us know, "Billing and shipping address", "favorite SKU number of picture"(e.g. 006-bo), "estimated budget(not include Shipping Charge)"(e.g. JPY 20,000), "the gender and age of the recipient"(e.g. 30 yo female), "Occasion"(e.g. Birthday), "Specific shipping date and time"(e.g. May 12th, 2012), "Greeting Card"(e.g. Much love on your birthday and always. ).

We shipping your thoughtful flower gifts across Japan.
If you have any further questions, or require additional assistance, feel free to contact us by email.

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Aichi(Nagoya) | Akita(Akita) | Aomori(Aomori) | Chiba(Chiba) | Ehime(Ehime) | Fukui(Fukui) | Fukuoka(Fukuoka) | Fukushima(Fukushima) | Gifu(Gifu) | Gunma(Maebashi) | Hiroshima(Hiroshima) | Hokkaido(Sapporo) | Hyogo(Kobe) | Ibaraki(Mito) | Ishikawa(Kanazawa) | Iwate(Morioka) | Kagawa(Takamatsu) | Kagoshima(Kagoshima) | Kanagawa(Yokohama) | Kochi(Kochi) | Kumamoto(Kumamoto) | Kyoto(Kyoto) | Mie(Tsu) | Miyagi(Sendai) | Miyazaki(Miyazaki) | Nagano(Nagano) | Nagasaki(Nagasaki) | Nara(Nara) | Niigata(Niigata) | Oita(Oita) | Okayama(Okayama) | Okinawa(Naha) | Osaka(Osaka) | Saga(Saga) | Saitama(Saitama) | Shiga(Otsu) | Shimane(Matsue) | Shizuoka(Shizuoka) | Tochigi(Utsunomiya) | Tokushima(Tokushima) | Tokyo(Tokyo) | Tottori(Tottori) | Toyama(Toyama) | Wakayama(Wakayama) | Yamagata(Yamagata) | Yamaguchi(Yamaguchi) | Yamanashi(Kofu)